EmberStreams is still in extremely early development and would love to hear any feedback. Please direct all thoughts to joe@emberstreams.org

Current overall score shown for each stream represents a rough guide to quality and takes into consideration both user submitted quality ratings and general data about the channel. Going forward, these ratings will be significantly improved by incorporating more detailed user feedback, personalization, and in-depth analytics about stream and chat interactivity

Overall Score Calculation

Overall score is a weighted average of three scores: User Reviews, Total follower count, and 7-day Follower growth percentage. Channels with active chat channels also recieve a (small) boost. The weighting is dynamic such that user reviews feature less heavily for streamers with fewer user reviews submitted. Growth has a much higher impact for smaller streamers, while total follower count tends to matter slightly more for more popular streamers

Follower Growth Badge

The Growth badge 20bd08cf495365d3648c05ee1281ff40eda1d8e7339fc7f5492a10c4792d06aa badge is given to channels that have experienced a greater than 5% increase in followers over the last 10hrs they have streamed. We try to keep data relatively fresh, so only the last 7 days are included (in many cases, streamers may have streamed less than 10hrs in the last 7 days)

Chat Activity Badges

Chat monitoring is currently in testing. Right now we are only monitoring League of Legends streams that have less than 500 viewers (streams with more than 500, chat can assumed to be active) and a greater than 5.5 overall rating. Streams are selected for monitoring every 30 minutes. Chat activity is measured on 15 minute intervals on a chats/min basis. Channels with more than 12 chats/min (once every few seconds) in the past 15 minutes are considered very highly active Chat badge 3 3271da7f01fc9460b4214013c8dc598517fe9bb5b6f228b427e5c9a5420e10c2 , channels with between 6-12 chats/min (once every 5-10 seconds) are considered highly active Chat badge 2 7a6e38da541c906a1f147234e7282e77a45b11904f23e51e9053d392885c8e90 , while chats with 3-6 chats/min (once every 10-20 seconds) are considered moderately active Chat badge 1 64c7d06f4e4b7d5d3f990612598a61c1ba083cdd9a49709fbb136ad8249e3302 Anything less than 3 chats/min is considered low Chat badge 0 5f9cc2c0bb895a8785bb9b090466a53180c907b57cb60656115d2ca8af9447b6